The truth about LiveJasmin hacks

LiveJasmin free credit hacks: safe or scam?

“LiveJasmin Credits Hack Generator Tool!”
“If you run out of credits on LiveJasmin, this tool is a solution for you!!!”
“Do you want add free livejasmin credits?”

Sounds familiar? Think twice before you fall for fraudsters’ tricks and leak your data to cheaters who will definitely misuse your personal details.

We would like to provide you with information about ways of improper credit obtaining and what hazards are there to using such sites and methods.

Most probably you have already encountered “solutions” offering you free or cheap credits and accounts, however, we advise you to go the safe way. Let us show you what the typical methods are that promise you advantages but leading up to a dead end – or worse, ending up with your own sensitive data compromised, which you definitely wish to avoid.

Protect your user data and your bank account. Never reveal your personal LiveJasmin login data to other sites or software!

Typical abuses

Most hacker / credit generator sites have 2 aims that we know of. First, to monetize users, to make the most money of their visits on the site; and second, to collect as much personal and sensitive information of the visitors as possible.

Credit adder, credit generator

The usual method is making users believe - with the use of fake videos - that submitting your data or downloading a software will actually add extra credits to your own existing Jasmin account.
The truth is that by watching these fake videos, you will be bombarded with ads. By clicking on those ads and even by merely watching them (as some pre-rolls for video ads are pay-per-view, not based on clicks), the fraudsters will be earning money.

There are several varieties to this sort of abuse, here are the most popular ones:

Online credit adder

You “only” need to submit your Jasmin user ID and your password and declare how many credits you want – free of charge of course. The sites do not resemble each other at all, but all are well decorated with tons of proof of “safety and trustworthiness”, such as:

  • testimonials
  • ratings (always outstanding, 5 out of 5 stars)
  • number of usage
  • statistics of online visitors and encouraging comments from “Jasmin members” who had had extra credits added to their accounts, even to the extent of “50 000 credits”
  • badges to prove that there is no virus, spamming or spyware activity on the site

This, in reality, the easiest phishing attempt there is. Your data will immediately land at fraudsters who will not only be testing your user ID / password combination on Jasmin, but on several other sites as well. This should be yet another reminder to always use different user ID / password combinations to each site you use to protect your financial safety and even your online identity.

Think about it and ask yourself: If you had this tool, would you give it away for free? There you go.

Credit generator software

In this case sites offer downloadable software to download that also adds credits to your existing Jasmin member account.

This type of fraud also comes in two versions:

  • Once you download the “software”, it not only does not yield to extra credits, but also puts your computer at serious hazard: it opens a backdoor on your PC allowing for unlimited exploit, i.e. stealing information by keystroke logging (recording and monitoring key movements on your keyboard) and eventually even stealing everything from your computer. We strongly advise you not to download such malware.

  • The second method also works with downloadable software but in order to unzip the software you need to obtain a password, they say: that’s when the endless flow of questionnaires begin. You fill in one, then another, but it boils down to nothing as you never get the password but instead you make a lot of money for the cheaters by submitting data to the surveys, watching ads and being prone to exit traffic methods. In case you actually get a password (a highly unlikely scenario, but let’s assume it happens), then an all too familiar drill ensues: the “software” opens a backdoor on your computer.

Password sharing

Have you ever stumbled upon a site that offered shared passwords for Jasmin/LiveJasmin that are maybe “no longer in use”, and are available to be bought for a significantly lower price sum than the official credits?
Although it might sound tempting to have or “buy” a shared account’s password, these purchased passwords will not work.

Account black market

As mentioned above, existing accounts are actually for sale on some sites complete with passwords, obtained by phishing or in any other illegal ways. They are sold for money or bitcoins.
The reason why you are not advised to buy any of these is the fact that they are most likely extremely old, obsolete and useless accounts, sold not only to one person, but to lots of other people as well. Which means, if there were any credits on these accounts in the first place, they evaporated a long time ago.

What do you ‘get’ if you visit these sites?

In our experience many of our members have had their accounts or computers hacked because they used sites or software that promised free Jasmin credits or passwords.

Don’t use and visit sites such as the ones mentioned above if you wish to avoid to be hacked. The risks of using these services are the following:

  • Help create a backdoor to your computer
  • Have a keylogger on your PC
  • Give out your own LiveJasmin login data
  • Make money for or leak your own money to cheaters

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